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Dear visitor, welcome to the web page of Hybrie.NET, the simplest solution for Delphi and .NET interop.


Hybrie.NET is an event driven inter-language interface for Delphi and the Microsoft® .NET Platform.We know you have a huge investment into your Delphi Codebase, who really wants to go through all the trouble and convert all the code to .NET or any other platform? We as programmers know how troublesome existing Windows components such as COM can be. Do you really want to fiddle with DLL exporting and other redundant work? Do you want to adapt all your well-running code to import endless interfaces, manually converting all your classes and records?

We faced the same trouble, and after trying various mechanisms decided to proudly share your efforts
to the global programming community!


We envisioned a painless programming model to let Delphi and .NET run side-by-side, not troubled from integration issues and DLL-hell.

We have lots of screenshots and code examples. Also take a look at the full list of features

Can't wait?

You can request a 30-days trial or just directly proceed to download the Application, which includes a demo:

Download Hybrie.NETVersion:1.8.50
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